Reputed Ultrasound Technician Schools in Colorado

Well, the ultrasound technician profile is the best medical career among other technical jobs such as the radiology technician, pharmacy technician or the X-ray technician. Besides having good career prospects, the earning potentiality of the ultrasound technician is quite appealing too. For your information, the yearly salary of an ultrasound technician can reach over $85000. So, if this handsome salary figure springs your ambition of becoming an ultrasound technician to new heights, then there are some reputed ultrasound technician schools in Colorado which will take you through some intensive training sessions so as to ascertain that you get to wear the title of an ultrasound technician honorably.

 Ultrasound Technician Schools in Colorado

Brief Information of the Reputed Sonography Colleges & Ultrasound Technician Schools in Colorado:

Red Rocks Community College

Located in Lakewood, Colorado, the Red Rocks College is indeed a good public institution for undertaking the ultrasound technician education training program. This 2 year community college offers the aspiring students a certificate program as well as the associate’s degree program regarding the field of Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

Through intensive training, the Red Rocks College prepares the students not only for the entry-level job positions in the general sonography but also for specializations in various ultrasound fields such as cardiac sonography.

The classes run in this program will take the students through the basic sonography subject matters such as human anatomy, medical terminologies, instrumentation etc. as well as physics, abdominal and gynecology ultrasound. And, afterwards there will also be the clinical internship program and the capstone project for the students to face. Apparently, the sonography courses assigned by this program also aims to prepare the students for the ultimate ARDMS (American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers) certification exam.

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University of the Colorado’s School of Medicine

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Enrolling in the ultrasound program offered by the University of Colorado is a wise thing to do since this reputed ultrasound technician schools in Colorado ascertains that you get the required education essential for becoming an ultrasound technician. Residing in Aurora, the University of Colorado’s ultrasound program has the length of 1 year. In other words, the students enrolled in this program will start their ultrasound technician education from September and will graduate in August.

During the course of the program, the students will be assigned intensive training both in the classrooms as well as in the lab. The subject matters are generally based upon for specializing in the OB/GYN and abdominal sonography. Upon the successful completion of this program, the University Of Colorado offers the worthy students the Certificate of Completion regarding the sonography program. Once you get this certificate, then you are officially eligible for sitting in the ARDMS certification exam.

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In case, the above mentioned ultrasound technician education programs do not interest you, then, you may go forward and surf the net for other CAAHEP accredited sonography programs. And, by the way, if you would also like to find out about the prospects of this medical career, then it’s recommended for you to discuss this matter with the registered ultrasound technicians, who are working in a nearby hospital or ultrasound facilities. This way you will be able to easily grasp the information on how to become an ultrasound technician.

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